The illicit trade in cultural goods during the pandemic

During confinement, it was often difficult to ensure the security of heritage sites and their content.

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The illicit trade in cultural goods during the pandemic

Date and time

Nov 12, 2020, 9:00 AM CST

12th of November. 9h CDMX | 16h Brussels

Event information



Welcome and presentation of the participants

9: 00-9: 05

Presenter: to be confirmed


The illicit trade in cultural property during the pandemic

9: 05-10: 35


Anna Kędziorek-Ramirez, Policy Officer in charge of illicit trafficking in cultural property, Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission (to be confirmed)

Ernesto Ottone R., Assistant Director-General for Culture, UNESCO (to be confirmed)

SIGNIFICANCE project - “Stop illicit heritage trafficking with artificial intelligence” (to be confirmed)

Marja van Heese, Inspector of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Netherlands

María del Perpetuo Socorro Villarreal Escárrega. National Coordinator of Legal Affairs (INAH) (Mexico)

Alejandro Bautista, Deputy Director of Registry, (INAH) (Mexico)

Moderator: Sophie Delepierre, Head of the ICOM Heritage Protection Department, ICOM (International Observatory on Illicit Traffic in Cultural Property) (to be confirmed)


Questions and answers

10: 35-10: 55


Closing and Group Photo

10: 55-11: 00

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